Finding a Legit Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary


 Most of us believe that cannabis, or in layman’s term, marijuana, is a dangerous drug. Truth is, intake or the use of cannabis is actually illegal for most places but believe it or not, there are already exceptions to this. Studies in the past up to present has able to determine the positive use of cannabis. Although cannabis cause negative result to those who use it especially overdosing it, the studies of the use of cannabis have actually proven its medical capacity to cure certain illness or prevent them from worsening.

Because of the benefits you get from using cannabis, some places, just like Vancouver, have already allowed the use of the cannabis legally. This means that you can use cannabis legally but ensure that you are medically allowed to take it. To ensure that cannabis will only be given to the rightful ones, the government has intervened with the supplies of the cannabis and make sure that the drug will only be given to the person that is legally allowed to use it.

You will actually find various Cannabis dispensary in Vancouver at Apollo Medical Center. This dispensary is the place where you can purchase the cannabis legally but of course, make sure that it is regulated by the government. You need to validate if the dispensary is actually legit and it has permits that are valid, authentic and issued by the government.

The reason for finding a legit dispensary at is to avoid overdoses. You cannot allow to go beyond the prescribe volume of cannabis because this might lead to complications and worse, addiction. So, make sure that you actually look for a dispensary that is already monitored by the government. If you cannot find one or you are not sure that the company is legit, you can always find the list of legit dispensaries from the government.

Aside from complete government permits and licenses, make sure that you also check the prices of the cannabis. Since this is controlled and monitored by the government, this means that the dispensary must be non-profit organization. This way, prices of the cannabis must not go beyond what is prescribed by the government and also, they will be regulated by the government. Only those who have permits and medical cards to use cannabis are allowed to buy and use it. You cannot just allow any dispensary to give you beyond the prescribed dosage of the cannabis. Check out this website at and know more about cannabis.


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